Education is a key element in becoming a hands on plumber. It is far noted that some plumbers merely cheat in the process of obtaining such a coveted License. Paying to have another master Plumber write off hours in categories of plumbing then submitting that as verifiable conclusion to the persons work ability. The industry is Corrupted with beggars and thieves. All of my paperwork in regards of ¬†being a credible plumbing company was a pain staking task to say the least. When I see work that has been done without experience and the customers insight is by what the man said “he had 20 years experience”. Or “It’s a big plumbing company so they know what they are doing”. WRONG! By law only a master Plumber may oversee plumbing in the state of Colorado. If a master is not at your house when work is being done, then that company is in violation of the consumer protection laws.

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